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At-Home Neurofeedback Training

III) At-Home Neurofeedback Training: Myndlift

MICA is excited to announce a partnership with Myndlift for supplemental, ‘at-home’ Neurofeedback training.


“We have been waiting years for an affordable, easy to use, quality product to recommend to clients for at-home training in between our in-office treatments.  We are thrilled that such a product finally exists.  While it’s not clinical-grade, the hardware is great for the price and easy for clients to use.  The app is user-friendly and allows us as the clinicians to program training protocols, monitor progress, and even conduct Neurofeedback sessions virtually.  Renting clinical systems to clients was expensive and difficult for clients to use, and the low-cost, low-quality gadgets off the internet weren’t effective.  This product is neither cheap nor cumbersome.  It’s simply the best product currently available for its purpose - Neurofeedback training you can use in the comfort of your home to supplement our in-office treatments.”  


How Does it Work?

Myndlift hardware package (Muse Headband with independent sensor, paste and gel) and monthly subscription is purchased through MICA.  We help you set up the app and teach you how to use the system.  The hardware is yours to keep, and you can use the free version of the app without a subscription.  The subscription version of the app allows your MICA Neurotherapist to set individualized training protocols, monitor your progress, and conduct virtual Neurofeedback sessions if desired (additional cost of live Neurotherapy would apply).  There is no limit to how often or how much you use your Myndlift training.  There are no long-term commitments and your monthly subscription can be stopped or restarted at any time.  


Why use Myndlift for home-training?

  • At-home training speeds treatment.  The more often you train the faster your brain can learn.

  • Unlimited use when it’s convenient for you.

  • Your Neurotherapist sets your individual training protocols.

  • More cost-effective than renting clinical systems.

  • Easy and fun to use.

  • Allows for live, virtual Neurotherapy sessions with your MICA Neurotherapist.



Myndlift Hardware: $355 (or $105 if you already own the Muse Headband)

Monthly Subscription: $150


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